cheating wife


This couple is extremely hot, and the sex is passionate and sensuous. Unfortunately, the TV blaring in the background diminishes the video's quality. But, it's still one of the better ones on this website. It would be terrific if this couple made another one without distracting background noise.
Man, This is one of the most caring sensous fucks I've seen in a long time. Both really enjoyed it I know! Watched folks fucking on deck in the dark but this is better than I have seen on board.
great vid where can i see more?
hot, no chick wants it more or fucks as well as a cheating wife. the best poddible sex.
Good fuck :P
He's pretty good, my kind of lover! Lots of hands everywhere. She's not bad either, looks like they have done a lot of practicing. I prefer threesomes, but he would work for a night or two.
hot couple

in case anyone wants to know, the movie playing in the background is'mean machine' xxx

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